Friendship Baptist Church has had the privilege of seeing the Gospel spread around the world since it was founded. The church has supported countless missionaries and their families as they have endeavored to bring the Gospel to souls around the world. The following list are the missionaries we have currently partnered with in spreading the Gospel.

Karl Andersson | Sweden
Chris Athey | Prison System
Matthew Barnes | Public Servants Prayer Ministry
Chris Bell | Brazil
Dwight Bishop | Mindanao
Stefan Calin | Romania
Keith Cashner | Great Britain
Robert Creech | Panama
Tim Dulaney | Panama
David Finley | Church Projects Ministry
Dimitry Gospadarev | Belarus
Kent Gossmeyer | England
Benjamin Hall | Northern Thailand
Joshua Hamilton | Scotland

Doug Hammett | South Africa/Botswana

Gary Hampton | Alaska
Josiah Jones | Mexico
Clifford Keister | Italy
Aaron Mendoza | Brazil
Steve Miller | Mexico
Gary Norberg | South Africa
Scott Poling | Germany
Leo Rivas | Amazing Grace Children’s Home Mexico
Jacob Shipman | Germany
Stephen Trimble | Mindanao
Shawn Vinson | Florida
Randy Winesburgh | Dominican Republic
Jim Wyatt | South Africa

*Some missionaries Friendship supports have requested to remain off this list for their protection in country. Pray that the persecution in those countries would cease and that the Gospel would be openly accepted.